Where Does Elden Ring Take Place? (Explained 2022)

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place? (Explained 2022)

Elden Ring has dominated the online game market since its launch on February 25, 2022. Elden Ring, created by FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki and Recreation of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin, takes set in an unlimited and open surroundings. Learn via to reply the query, does Elden ring takes place?

When Does Elden Ring Take Place? Explained 2022

Elden Ring has turn out to be one of the vital in style video games in at the moment’s period, because of its Souls-like fight, open-world gameplay, and gorgeous graphics and artwork route, which have wowed varied RPG gamers.

And the factor about Elden Ring is that it has a backstory that you must actually delve into to totally comprehend.

Not like different video games that inform you every part you might want to know concerning the story, Elden Ring and different FromSoftware titles are somewhat tight-lipped concerning the lore of the sport as a result of that’s one thing you actually must study by yourself.

  • Elden Ring doesn’t present a timeframe for its set up. That’s as a result of the sport is ready in a world that isn’t like ours within the sense. It most definitely doesn’t use the identical calendar we do.
  • This isn’t like another sport as a result of some video games inform you what 12 months the sport is ready in or what number of years have gone since a acknowledged period within the sport.
  • Elden Ring immerses you in a sport that doesn’t happen in a exact chronological interval. It simply occurs there after which.

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place? Updated 2022

The one factor Elden Ring offers you straight away is the sport’s setting. As a result of it takes place on the continent often called the Lands Between, this sport has its personal distinct universe and state of affairs.

The sport doesn’t inform us a lot concerning the Lands Between however we all know that it was a realm protected by the grace of the Elden Ring.

Godwyn the Golden and Queen Marika beforehand managed this whole nation, permitting it to develop.

  • Following that, Queen Marika’s youngsters claimed the varied shards of the Elden Ring as their very own, and these shards tainted their minds to the place they started combating each other.
  • The varied lords’ wars ravaged the land and lowered the varied cities into ruins, as seen by the varied wrecked buildings and constructions within the sport.
  • You’re taking management of a Tarnished, a personality who has fallen from the grace of the Erdtree and has been banished from the Lands Between, solely to return.

What’s the Story of Elden Ring?

What’s the Story of Elden Ring

The Elden Ring narrative goes: the Higher Will, who despatched down the Elden Ring – a magical artefact that reshaped the Lands Between in keeping with its wishes blessed the Lands.

They contained the Elden Ring inside the Erdtree, an enormous golden spectral tree. With this capability, the Erdtree may give the Elden Ring’s grace on the land and its inhabitants, leading to an exceedingly orderly actuality.

Queen Marika the Everlasting presided over the Lands Between, a creature chosen by the Higher Will who served as a guardian and custodian of the Elden Ring and had many youngsters.

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Is Elden Ring Set In The Darkish Souls Universe?

It’s unknown whether or not Elden Ring takes place in the identical universe because the Darkish Souls video games. The Darkish Souls video games inform the story of the Chosen Undead, who’s prophesied to usher in both a brand new age of darkness or a brand new age of fireside.

Nonetheless, we consider these video games happen in distinct universes. That’s as a result of, within the Darkish Souls realm, all people have been cursed with undeath.

Provided that such a curse doesn’t exist on the earth of Elden Ring, it’s greater than possible that this sport takes place in a totally new actuality constructed notably for the sport.

FAQs About Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

1. Is Elden Ring Based mostly in Ohio?

Elden Ring, the expansive open-world fantasy sport by developer FromSoftware, takes place within the fictional world of The Land Between and is certainly not set in Ohio – though an ongoing meme exhibits in any other case.

2. Where did Elden Ring Take place Ohio?

It doesn’t take place in Ohio, however the precise location is “Lands Between”. It’s a kingdom dominated by sovereign Queen Marika the Everlasting in one other Realm altogether.

3. Does Elden Ring take Place on Earth?

A meme that you simply might need seen doing the rounds joked that Elden Ring is the truth is set within the US state of Ohio, however, unsurprisingly, that is false. The lands of the Lands Between are merely one large, mystical continent surrounded by water.

4. What State is Elden Ring Based on?

Followers rapidly shared the meme on social media. Elden Ring’s setting might have been effectively spoken about earlier than its launch, however rumors that they really set the sport within the U.S. state of Ohio have been making the rounds owing to one among many memes doing the rounds on-line.

5. Is Elden Ring Darkish Souls 4?

No, Elden Ring shouldn’t be a sequel, prequel, collection spin-off or comparable extension of the Darkish Souls franchise, regardless of the clear similarities between the video games.

6. Why is the World of Elden Ring in Ruins?

Queen Marika’s offspring claimed the shards of the Elden Ring known as the Nice Runes. Nonetheless, the facility of the ruins tainted their minds and drove them mad.

7. What’s the Principal Purpose in Elden Ring?

Your preliminary purpose in Elden Ring is to hunt the Shardbearers, which is only a complicated title for the folks that maintain the Nice Runes that may assist restore the Elden Ring.

8. Is Elden Ring Related to Darkish Souls?

These standalone video games weren’t linked to the Darkish Souls universe, and it’s trying like Elden Ring might be the identical

Elden Ring takes place in The Lands Between. Which is dominated by Queen Marika the Everlasting, in keeping with the sport’s official web site.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the sport’s director, acknowledged that famed writer George R.R. Martin was the one who not solely named the area of the land but in addition established. Its historical past and “deep mythos.”

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