Buster Douglas Net Worth (Explained 2022)

Buster Douglas Net Worth (Explained 2022)

Buster Douglas is a retired American boxer who was once the World Heavyweight Champion. The Buster Douglas net worth is 15 Million Dollars.
Buster Douglas is best known as the fighter who shook the world by knocking out the then undefeated Mike Tyson on February 11, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan. Tyson was considered the best boxer in world and one of most feared heavyweight champion in the history.

Tyson was such a heavy favourite that only a casino in Vegas interrupted the fight. The Mirage took Douglas as a 42-to-1 underdog for the fight, making his victory, in the words of commentator Reg Guttridge, “…the greatest upset in boxing history, bar none.” ”
Douglas held title for eight months and the two weeks. On October 25, 1990, Buster was defeated by third-round KO (knockout) by 28-year-old, 6-foot-2-inch, 208-pound Evander Holyfield in Buster Douglas’ only title defence.

Buster How Much Earned to Boxing Career

Buster made nearly $3 million beating Tyson. He then earned $24.1 Million, the largest purse of all time, fighting Evander Holyfield. After adjusting for inflation, $24.1 million is equivalent to $43.5 million today. Holyfield made $8 Million. Between those two fights alone, Buster earned $27.1 million, which is roughly $56 million in today’s dollars.

Career Earnings

Know About Buster Douglas Early Life And Education

Buster Douglas was born James Douglas in 1960. Her father was professional boxer William “Dynamite” Douglas, and she was raised in the predominantly black Linden neighbourhood of Columbus, Ohio. Douglas was first introduced to boxing by his father, who ran a gym at Blackburn Recreation Center. As a young man, Douglas Linden attended McKinley High School, where he played both football and basketball. In 1977, he led his school team to the Class AAA state championship. After the graduating, Douglas played the basketball for Coffeyville Community Colleges Red Ravens in the Coffeyville, Kansas. Later, he played for Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, and then went on a basketball scholarship to Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Starting of Professional Boxing Career

Douglas made his professional boxing debut in May 1981, defeating Daniel O’Malley in a four round bout. He won his first five fights, but lost his sixth by knockout to David Bay. Douglas won his next six fights before a draw with Steffen Tangstad in October 1982. Over the next two years, he defeated most journeyman fighters, including Jesse Clark, whom he fought and knocked out a total of three times. Major turn was against former heavyweight contender Randall “Tex” Cobb, whom he defeated by mass decision. In 1986, Douglas defeated former champion Greg Page, helping him earn a shot at the International Boxing Federation Championship. However, after a good start against Tony Tucker, he lost his cool and was stopped in the tenth round.
By the late 80s, Douglas had split with his coach-father over a series of disagreements. He chose another team and a new trainer. Douglas then won four consecutive fights. In 1989, he defeated Trevor Berbick by unanimous decision, and soon after, another unanimous decision victory over future heavyweight champion Oliver McCall.

Beginning of Professional Boxing Career

 Buster Douglas (Heavyweight Champion)

In February 1990, Buster Douglas was scheduled to fight the undisputed heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. Almost all pundits expected this match to result in an easy victory for Tyson. In fact, the odds were so heavily in favour of the champion that almost every Las Vegas betting parlor refused to place odds on the fight. To the surprise of almost everyone, Douglas was the one who dominated the fight from start to finish. By the fifth round, several right jabs from Douglas had swollen Tyson’s left eye. Because Tyson’s Cornermen had not anticipated such a challenge, they came without And well or ice packs, and therefore had to use tap water in latex gloves to use on Tyson’s eyes.
Tyson’s eye was almost completely closed by the end of the fight. However, in an intense eighth round, he managed a right uppercut to drop Douglas. He continued to fight valiantly into the ninth round, but was on the receiving end of a big attack from Douglas. In the tenth round, Douglas dominated his opponent by landing a big uppercut. He then took Tyson to the head with a four-punch combination for the first time in his professional career. With Tyson not surviving the referee’s count, Douglas was named the new undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Buster Douglas Fight Against The Evander Holyfield

Declining a rematch against Tyson, which had sparked protests after his defeat, Douglas decided to defend his title first against Evander Holyfield. In their October 1990 bout, Douglas came out weak, and Holyfield dominated the first two rounds. When Douglas attempted an uppercut, Holyfield dodged it and took him down. Douglas retired from boxing shortly after this defeat.

Fight Against Evander Holyfield

Douglas Back To Boxing

Douglas stayed out of the limelight for most of the years after his retirement, receiving nearly $24 million for his fight against Holyfield. During this time he gained a lot of weight and almost died of a diabetic coma. To correct his course, Douglas returned to boxing, winning his first six fights in a row. He was supposed to fight light heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr. in the late 90s, but the fight ended in failure. In 1998, Douglas faced heavyweight contender Lou Savarese, knocking him out in the first round. He competed in two more matches, winning both. Douglas then retired for the last time in 1999.

Other Media Appearances

Douglas has appeared in various media outside of his boxing career. On Television, He guest-starred on the action crime series “Street Justice” in the 90s. Meanwhile, he made his feature film debut with the science fiction comedy “Pluto’s Plight.” In the early 1990s, Douglas served as a guest referee at WW F’s The Main Event III, a position originally filled by Mike Tyson.

Know About Buster Douglas Personal Life

In 1986, Douglas married his wife Bertha, with whom he had the two children. Four years later, Douglas filed for divorce, Douglas filed for divorce, citing incompatibility and gross negligence of duty.

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